• (9 best) vers 1.2 File Spy how install on Mac (app)

    File Spy

    Description: 4710 KB; File Management; Utilities; File Spy; Chatsworth and Whitton Ltd


    File Spy lets you view, in detail, almost any file on your Mac. All you have to do is drag and drop any file/folder into the app window and all the available information is presented to you coherently. File Spy provides text, hexadecimal and icon views to help you inspect the contents of each file. The app supports playback of common audio and video formats, along with the ability to display many image, web and document file types. Benefits of File Spy - View any file on your Mac - Display Native, Text, Hexadecimal and icon views for each file - Supports for over 60 file types, including most audio, video, image, web and document file types.

    Updated version vers.1.4-File-Spy-iBjGX7.tar.gz [4757 KB]
    Recomended High Sierra z9Bha_1.6_File_Spy.app [5510 KB]
    New to MacOS File.Spy.ver..3.2.cx8xtP.dmg [4144 KB]
    Featured to Mac mini File.Spy.2.2.AnR9dh.app [4992 KB]
    for Mac mini c6aSX-File-Spy-1.3.app [4992 KB]
    New! version File_Spy_ver._1.5_LC6ily.zip [5604 KB]

    Chatsworth and Whitton Ltd
    Torrent version key File Spy 1.2

    Updated version s86lCY_v.71.0.3578.98_Portable_Chromium.tar.gz {101786 kb} 72.0.3626.81
    New MacOS v.5.6-TubeG-Pro-1Z5.tar.gz {11612 kb} 7.2
    Featured to 10.12.6 ver._2.0_Starfall_NSVnng.tar.gz {18288 kb} 1.4
    to 10.14 COCOADIALOG.VERS.3.1.0-BETA7.5PCDX.TAR.GZ {2262 kb} 3.0.4-beta7
    10.14 ver. {18093 kb}
    Updated on MacOS V.2.1.0.FISH.BOWL.HCMAIE.DMG {1834 kb} 2.0.4

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